*** used firearms in red ***   Please call because inventory changes!
Remington 11-48, 16ga, 22" barrel with vented poly and 28" mod barrel, nice wood and in good shape --semi
Browning A5 Light 12, 12ga, 27" (polychoke) Belgium, 1950 production, LOP has been reduced for small frame individual --semi
Remington SP10, 10ga, in like-new condition,
CZ 712, 12ga 28" semi
Syre Elos Sporting, 30", Beautiful wood, 12ga, Over/Under.
Sears J.C. Higgins model 583.10, 12ga (2 3/4"), 28" modified, bolt with magazine-tube feed made for Sears by High Standard.
Sears J.C. Higgins model 583.21, 16ga, 26" full, bolt with magazine-tube feed made for Sears by High Standard
Ithica Model 37, 20ga, metal great, stock needs refinished.
Savage/Springfield 67E, 12ga, 28" modified, metal in okay condition, stock is cracked at toe (serviceable repair) --pump
Winchester Model 12.   12ga, Full, beautiful blue and nice, straight-grained wood.  (Consignment)
Mossberg 500, ATI collapsible stock.  12Ga.


Thompson Venture Predator, Max1 camo, 3x9 scope, 30.06, 1" MOA @100 guarantee--bolt

Savage 14 Classic, .243, 22", accu-trigger --bolt
Weatherby Vanguard, 7mm Rem Mag, 24", black synthetic stock --bolt
Ruger 10/22 Takedown, 22LR, rotary 10rnd mag, backpack, stainless with black, synthetic stock --semi
Ruger 10/22 Takedown, 22LR, rotary 10 rnd mag, backpack, blue with camo stock.  NRA edition.--semi
Thompson Renegade, Blued steel/Walnut stock.   .50 cal Black Powder, Unfired.
Enfield SHTLE III, BSA 1915 manufacture, Sportarized, .303 Brit.
Remington 740, 3.30-06, aluminum buttplate (older model)
Remington 700 ADL deluxe, .270Win,
Winchester 77, semi-auto 22LR, weaver scope,  a collectible classic in beautiful condition
Marlin 25, bolt-action, 22LR
Arisaka Type 99, 7.7 Jap, numbers on bolt parts and receiver matching.  Tokyo Kogyo manufactured.  Sportarized.

Rossi 92, 38spl/357mag, octangle barrel, sporter style --lever
Tikka T3, .243win, removable magazine, stainless/black synth stock --bolt
Reminton 552 Speedmaster, 22LR, tubular magazine, beautiful wood, great condition, --semi

Remington 742 BDL Deluxe, 30.06,  stepped receiver, basketweave stock with beautiful wood, Bushnell 3x9 in Redfield base/!

(Glock 42, .380, 2 mags (6rnds), MADE IN USA, 3.26" barrel --semi
Glock 43, 9mm, 2 mags (6rnds), 3.39" barrel --semi
Bersa BP9cc, 9mm. 2 mags (8rnd), bi-color, short-reset trigger
Smith and Wesson K series, .22lr, 6-shot, adjustable rear sight, 5 screw model.
(2)Springfield Armory XD-S-9 3.3, 9mm, 2 mags (7 rnd), holster, mag carrier --semi
Smith and Wesson 642-2, 38spl. (+p rated), performance center enhanced action, basketweave rosewood grips --revolver
Smith and Wesson 637-22, 38spl. (+p rated), stainless, has both pink and black cushion grips --revolver
Sig Sauer 1911 Nightmare, .45acp, 'bobbed" frame,
Smith and Wesson M&P9, 9mm, Pro Series (cut for red-dot-reflex sight), 2 17rnd mags, replaceable backstraps --semi

Springfield XD-S-45 3.3, 45acp,  2 mags (6 rnd) holster, mag carrier --semi
ATI GI Enhanced Commander, .45acp, 1 mag (8rnd), Novak-cut sights, blued with wood grips. --semi
Walther PK380, .380acp, black/black, ambi-safety and mag-release, rail, 1 mag (8rnd)
Glock 36 Slim, 45 acp  --semi
Glock 26 Gen4, 9mm, 3 mags (10rnds), replaceable backstraps, subcompact --semi
Glock 33 Gen4, .357Sig,  3 mags (9rnds), replaceable backstraps, subcompact --semi
Glock 34 Gen4, 9mm, 3 mags (9rnds), "practical tactical", replaceable backstraps, adj. rear sight --semi
Glock 21 SF, 45acp, 4.6" barrel, 2 mags (13rnds), --this model has a short-reach frame. --semi
EAA SAR K2, 45 acp, 4.5", Stainless slide, 1 mag (14rnds)
Beretta M9-A1, 9mm, 5", factory box and mags, Xiphos NT light, Blackhawk Level 3 holster (accepts weapon with light in place, 30rnd mag, extreme grips, skeleton hammer, trijicon rear sight
Sig Sauer 938 "AG bi-tone", 9mm, 1 mag (6 rnds), night sights --semi
ATI Thunderbolt, 45acp, target sights, ported, checkered on front of grip, ambi-safety
Tanfoglio Witness-P, 9mm, 1 mag (14rnds), can be converted to 40s&w, 45acp, 10mm
Browning Hi-Power,  9mm, two-tone, 2 mags (10 and 13 rnds) looks new, original box
Para USA Expert 5", .45acp, all black except stainless trigger, fiber-optic front sight --Glock 33 Gen4, .357Sig,  3 mags (9rnds), replaceable backstraps, subcompact --semi
Glock 33 Gen4, .357Sig,  3 mags (9rnds), replaceable backstraps, subcompact --semiA

Para USA Expert 5", .45acp, stainless, fiber-optic front sight --semi
Ruger New Vaquero, .357, 4.62", polished stainless with hardwood grips --revolver

(1) case of 1000 ---7.62x39, 123g FMJ (Russian service round--sks, ak)
(2) case of 200 ---7.62x51 (.308 win), 180g, SPCL Remington
(0) case of 100 --- 40S&W, 180g, FMJ, Winchester
(2) box of 50 --- 40S&W, 180g, RWS FMJ
(1) box of 20 --- .380acp +P, 90g, Buffalo Bore
(1) case of 500 ---9mm, 115g, Brown Bear metal case
(2) box of 20 --- 9mm, 115g, JHP, Federal Personal Defense
(20) box of 50 --9mm, 115g, FMJ, RWS
(3) box of 20 --- 38spl, 158g, Hornady Custom XTP
(1) box of 20 --- 357 SIG, 125g, JHP, Winchester PDX1
(6) box of 50 --- .45acp, 230g, RWS FMJ
(2) box of 20 --- 30-06, 150g, Winchester Powermax bonded
(3) box of 20 --- 30-06, 150g, Hornady American Whitetail InterLock
(3) box of 20 --- 7mm Rem Mag, 139g, PMC Precision BTSP
(2) box of 20 --- .243 Win, 100g, Reminton Core-Lokt
(3) box of 20 --- .223 Rem, 55g, Hornady Varmint Express V-MAX